Payment Gateway Options in India


Payment gateway allows us to receive payments online, instantly if we're selling anything online as a merchant. It allows one to make payment using:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Netbanking/online bank transfer
  • Mobile payment
  • Cash cards

Payment gateway is also an interface through which one can make payment online. In terms of a webmaster or website owner it is an API provided by the payment gateway provider.

Payment Gateway Providers in India

There are plenty of Providers in India which are India based as well as International ones. Indian provider allows us to receive payments from India in all ways - Credit/debit cards, Netbanking etc but to receive payment from an international client, only credit card option is provided.

Not all international payment gateways provide option to show payment amount in Indian Rupees, but in USD or GBP.

Indian Providers

Here is a list of Indian payment gateway service providers:

  • ICICI Payseal
  • EBS
  • Direcpay
  • ABCPayments
  • HDFC
  • Indiapay
  • Trillionpay
  • ePaymentglobal
  • Paysignet
  • Whizpay

ICICI Payseal is the dream payment gateway provider in India with lowest charges. However it charges more deposit and may accept only reputed websites for it's services.

The payment gateway TDR(Transaction Discount Rate) of these range from around 2-5%-7%. You should check the payment gateway prices before you go for one. Even EBS too is good payment gateway provider.

International Providers

Although we can use many international payment gateways to receive payments in USD but only a few allow us to receive payment in INR.

Most commonly used International payment gateways in India are:

  • Paypal
  • 2Checkout
  • AlertPay
  • CCNow

Paypal is the best payment gateway in the world, but it has been having quite a rough drive in India for a couple of years due to RBI's policies. With Paypal we can't receive payments in India nor does it allow as to receive payment in INR. But if your client is in foreign country then Paypal, no doubt will be the best choice. If you want to integrate a payment gateway with your website, Paypal's API is the easiest to use and integrating Paypal takes least time. Opening a basic business account is free with Paypal.

2Checkout too is good with high satisfaction rate from website owners who are using it on their websites, However it costs $49 to open an account with them.

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