How to run Anti-virus on Linux/Unix/Centos websites and files?

Fortunately viruses are mostly written for Windows and Mac which are used en-masse. Virus have difficult pervading Linux/Unix/Centos etc systems since there are different Unix flavors and very few public uses these OS.

You can run 19 anti-virus on your website on Linux/Unix/Centos for FREE at Jotti's anti-virus.

If you're a webmaster you can too check your site content against anti-virus here.

Good news is that many of website hack/attack infections are caught by one or more brands of anti-virus. A particular anti-virus brand may be able to detect a virus/infection which other may not be able to.

Compressing your site

Jotti's site allows you to upload 1 file at a time of max size 25 MB. The trick is to compress it using good compressor and upload it. Learn here which will be best tool to compress the source code. A source code of size around 200 MB can be compressed to 25 MB easily. Before compressing it choose best mode of compression.


Unfortunately it won't tell you in which file in the archive infection is found. Best way to find is to first look for brand which is reporting it, download its trail version and run on your files to find the file containing infection.

Check virus/trojan on your Linux/Centos/Unix system using Jotti's online service

Check virus/trojan on your Linux/Centos/Unix system (Fig 2)


Clamav is free linux anti virus. Just install it and then you can run it manually with -ri option.

I've used this syntax which I placed in the root cron to daily check a folder at night and email only if any infection is found:

54 3 * * *  /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/clamscan -ri --no-summary ~myuser/public_html/ 
--include="php$"| mail -Es "Clamav:Virus Found in" my-email