How to delete nodes in bulk, content types and fields in Drupal 7

Here is what I want. I've copied my site contents to another site name since I'm making a new site. At least all the settings, modules and optimizations will be carried forward in the new site.

But I don't want the custom content types, their nodes and unused fields. I want to remove those fields from my database. Why leave them dangling there forever? So for Drupal 7 I'm listing here how to delete nodes in bulk,content types and fields

Delete the Nodes in Bulk

Firstly use this Drupal module. It is for Drupal 7 but not for 6! Install it and simply go to Administer -> Content and delete the nodes selectively.

Otherwise you can delete them using this Drush command:

Delete all nodes, nodes of a specific content type or users.



    drush delete-all article             Delect all article nodes.
    drush delete-all all                 Delete nodes of all types.
    drush delete-all --reset             Delete nodes of all types, and reset node, revision and comment counters.
    drush delete-all users               Delete users.  

    --reset                              Reset counter for node, revision and comment tables.
    --roles                              pick roles  

    Aliases: da

Delete the Content Type

So you've deleted the desired nodes but also want now to delete the custom content types. In Drupal 7. Just type in this url : "admin/structure/types/manage/[custom-content-machine-name]/delete" and it'll ask your confirmation to delete it from Drupal database. Replace underscone in the machine name with hypens(-).

Deleting Fields

So you want to delete the unused fields from the database? Better delete them. That'd rid some tables dedicated to those fields.

While browsing of you happen to find field tables like "field_delete_data _??" or "field_deleted_revision_??" then don't try to delete them. They were created when you deleted the custom content types. Just run Cron once and they'll be automatically gone.

Using Drush field-delete

Simply use the safe command of Drupal Drush to delete undesirable fields:

Delete a field and its instances.    
field-delete city                         Delete the city field and any instances it might have.
field-delete city --bundle=article        Delete the city instance on the article bundle 

Arguments:   field_name                   Name of field to delete.

Options:   --bundle                       Only delete the instance attached to this bundle. If omitted, admin can choose to delete one instance or whole field. 
  --entity_type        Disambiguate a particular bundle from identically named bundles. Usually not needed.                             

Deleting content type confirmation in Drupal 7