How to calculate total DNS queries for my domain ( Answer from Dnsmadeeasy expert)

How to know how many dns queries your domain will generate?

This answer was sent to me by Lance Vita from Support and Sales specialist. I've done some improvements in the text. DNS Made Easy is the most popular among all DNS service providers - it has Alexa rank of 25,000. Others not even near this mark!

Every different hostname within your domain that must be resolved for your pages to be rendered with generate a DNS query (some of these may be cached by the users local resolving DNS server).

It is actually almost impossible to predict how many queries you will receive without knowing not only what IPs your customers are coming from but also the network configuration for each one of your customers. Since this is not possible you can calculate a rough (and worst case) number by this calculation.

  1. (Take the average seconds the average user stays on your website) / (TTL of your record)
  2. Multiple this by the number of lookups required per page view
  3. Multiply this by the total number of sessions per day
  4. Multiply this by the number days in the month Add one for each email received. Add one for each email sent.


  • The average user stays on your site for 10 minutes.
  • Your record TTL is 5 minutes. So the average user will cause you 2 queries per visit. (10 / 5 = 2)
  • You have 10,000 visits per day (2 * 10,000 = 20,000 queries per day)
  • You have 31 days in the month (20,000 * 31 = 620,000 queries per month)
  • So you would have 620,000 queries in the month from web traffic.
  • Take number and add it to the total number of emails received.
  • So if you received 5,000 emails and you sent 5,000 emails, then your total queries would be 630,000.

This is of course a rough estimate and it is usually a worst case number. Since many users would share the same resolving name server then they actually share the same query.


Lance Vita
DNS Made Easy Support and Sales specialist