Creating Slideshow of local & remote files in Drupal in a node

Here is what I want. I want to show all images linked to an image field which can contain unlimited values in a slideshow in the bottom of the web page.

I'm showing apartment ventures so I want to show the project photos in slideshow of it's various designs and facets.

I also have another constraint that to save bandwidth, disks pace of my site, we should be able to specify external images rather than downloading them on our hard disk. It can be mix of local & remote images(http: linked ones). I prefer using the urls rather than downloading the photos and remember to delete them later.

After some work I could find out how to do it.

Good news is that using the same method we can show image in a field which can be locally stored or linked externally to another website.

1. First install Embedded Image Field and Remote Stream Wrapper modules. Enable them. Also install Field Slideshow module.

2. Create a field of type image. But select the widget as "Media file selector". Remember it was added by the Embedded Image Field

First click Image on the Widget place. Select Media file selector in the widget(

Step 2

3. Go to the MANAGE DISPLAY tab, locate the field click the Format field of the field and select Slideshow. Save it. Now you can configure Slideshow options by clicking the wheel shaped tools icon to the far right of the field and then saving the settings.

Step 3

So this way I could show local and remote image files in slideshow.