Check your site immediately after web host migration before name server propagation

I searched everywhere but I could not find the solution. As a web-master all I want when migrating my site to another web-host and as soon as I setup new website I want to check it live!

So I don't want to lose any revenue and name server propagation will take it own time( from a couple of hours to 72 hours maximum).

Here is the ultimate way which could not find it anywhere ie., to check your site immediately after web host migration before name server propagation.

Just find the I.P. address of your website on new web host

And enter in your hosts file this line:


Save it and go! Now in your computer the new website will be from new web host! But make sure that you've already added that domain in the Cpanel add-on domains.

Hosts File

The "hosts" file is located on your Windows PC at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc . Also it is very important system file, first make a backup of it. You'll need some special permission to edit it. Not expert in this field, I give all permissions on "everyone" in this file. The go to Run, then type Notepad( but I use very popular on Windows - Notepad++, free ware), without left clicking on it, right click over it and click "Run as Administrator". The go to open and open this file. Or having opened Notepad this way, right click over hosts file and select open with Notepad. Remember Notepad should already be running as "Run as administrator".


It is simple. Windows has a name resolver service called Resolver which accepts domain names from clients like ftp, browsers, ping etc and then works on to contact the name server to convert the domain name to I.P. address. Browsers need IP address to work with. Domain names are for humans only. Now if you enter an IP address like that in the hosts file then the Resolver need not contact the name servers! These name servers like take from 2-72 hours to propagate worldwide.

So if browser gets an IP then that's all it needs for a couple of minutes so it does not need to resolve the same domain again.

How to know the IP address of new website?

Oh I forgot to tell. That IP isn't the same as your web host server IP. For that you'd need to contact the new name servers to get the IP. The list of name servers are there in your Cpanel account. It is in the left sidebar. Once you have it ping it. For it go to site: and fill in your website name in the Domain. In server fill in the new name server Then click Look it up! Take out the IP and that's it.