Cheapest DNS Service Provider

Are you looking for cheapest DNS service providers? Looks like there is maze of them.

If you just now outgrew your shared webhosting account and plan on moving to VPS hosting then it is better to delegate this DNS service to those who are expert in their field. The advantages: your site and email will always be resolved to the right target. Otherwise for secondary name server you'll need to hire another server and run DNS Bind on it.

Free DNS Providers

Here is the list: but it is not up-to-date. Mind you is a nice site listing reliable and dead cheap web hosting offers.

Amazon Route 53

It is recommended in web hosting forums and I checked it and found it to be economical

Godaddy Premium DNS

Godaddy seems to be providing cheapest services in the world, be it for buying domains or even online ftp storage. Although I've found their online ftp storage product found be too much of trouble.

It is providing unlimited domains for $3/month!

What more it almost daily offers 30% discount codes and I'm sure nothing will come cheaper than this.

Power DNS Hosting

$2/month/domain - yes it is one of the cheapest ones. But no experience.

DNS Made Easy

To tell the truth I think DNSmadeeasy is the most professional of all. It has very nice video tutorial about DNS how-tos. Even though if you don't buy from them, don't forget to use free 1 month trail + nice tutorials!

It costs $2.5/month with max 10 domains. Disadvantage : year pricing.