Steps to Open Public Provident Fund Account in SBI


Here are the list of steps to open your account with SBI or other nationalized banks

  • Visit SBI( especially main branch or service branch)

    Best time to visit is on Mon-Friday at 10 am. Avoid going between 1pm to 3.30 pm

  • Carry along with you:
    • Your photograph ( even if you're applying on behalf of minor(less than 18 years) )
    • Your address proof & id proof
    • If you're applying for minor, carry minor's birth certificate
    • Your PAN card
    • Your SBI passbook if you want the PPF account to be linked
    • Minimum Rs. 500 to be deposited in the PPF account
  • You'll be given two forms

How it works

While in SBI after you fill up the forms(account opening & PPF deposit slip), the clerk will verify the form along with the documents you submit. Then you'll first be allotted PPF account number from computer. The clerk will handover the account opening form to you and you'll need to fill up the new account number on opening form as well as the PPF deposit slip. Then you can visit the cash deposit counter and deposit the money with the slip. You'll then need it to give it to the account opening clerk who will do the remaining formalties and give you printed passbook.

Your address & contact number is of no use since government authorities never callback in India. Be careful with your signature. You'll need it in case you want to recover your account without passbook.

What you get

Stamped Deposit Receipt

You get a stamped deposit slip as a proof of your payment

Click on the image below to see how it looks

full size stamped deposit receipt

New passbook

You get a new & updated passbook. Click on the image below to see how it looks

 new SBI PPF Passbook