How to Write Good Articles - Read Useful Tips!

Please find tips as to how to write good quality articles.

  1. Write using Notepad

    If you're not experienced in submitting articles, then start by writing articles in simple text using Notepad, MS-Word or any other simple text editor

  2. Article Length

    Write a minimum of 300 word article. However this is not a requirement. The most important criterion is that it should contain at least some useful matter and contain information to satisfy the targeted reader to some extent.

  3. Keep Focus

    Always keep in mind targeted reader's interest in the article you've written. He/she should be happy to have read your article. First finalize the idea, keywords and actors in your article, then start writing. Don't use too many keywords. 2-3 keywords should be ok.

  4. Break in sections/paragraphs

    Break your article in paragraphs and sections, which should contain related article text. Don't break text containing related information. You can also number your points or lines and you case use those number to refer those lines.

  5. Write in Good English

    Keep targeted user's level of English and write in simple and lucid English which is grammatically correct and error free. This is one of the qualities of a good articles

  6. Add a para for your advertising

    Don't advertise your website/services within the article. Your article must be informative and neutral and should not try to influence the reader to go for specific services or products of your company or site. Add a short paragraph at the end of the article with some advertising about your company with one/two in-context backlinks with useful anchor text.

  7. HTML for advanced

    If you're comfortable in HTML then format it using H2-7 tags and use in-page anchors("#link using <a name=") and url's to refer to any part of your article. Before submitting check your article with a html validator or use Your html must be validated against DocType:strict. Use "strong" or "em" html tags to depict keywords once or twice.


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