How to Submit an Article

→You can also read same article in without lightbox version.

Go to Login Screen

Click on the Submit Article on the top right of your screen.

Click Submit Article link in the top to log in

Fill in Login Details/Register new account

Key in login/password details

After logging in(1)

Click on the "Create Article" link on the left sidebar. Click on it to proceed for submitting an article

Click Create Article on the left sidebar

After logging in(2)

Click on "New Article Submission" link to submit an article

Prepare and Submit Article

If you're copy pasting the article as opposed to uploading the article in a file( word, rtf etc) then select the proper format to insert the article text.

Click Input Format to expand it

Expanded form


Or upload a file. Select category and fill comments

Send the article for approval

Fill in the article text(optional)

Submitted Article List

Your article now appears under a heading "Submitted Articles" in the left sidebar.

See you submitted article in left sidebar

Article Rejection

Our team may reject your article and you'll be notified by an email. So when you login, next time you will find your rejected article list in the left side of sidebar.

Click on your rejected article

Click on your rejected article on the left sidebar. You'll see the content of your article submitted along with reason of rejection:

Find the reason of rejection in the bottom of page

Resubmit/Delete the article

If you want to resubmit along with changes then you do it by clicking Edit button and then edit the article and Save it. To delete the article altogether press Delete.

Click Edit

Save or Delete the article

Your article approved

You'll be notified in an email about approval of your article.


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