Don'ts in Article Writing!

  1. Don’t copy!

    Don’t copy text/article from any sources be it Wikipedia. If you refer to any text, provide a backlink to the source and mention it clearly.

  2. Don’t use pictures

    Photos have some restrictions. At most they can be of products or screen shots.

  3. Don’t disclose private information

    Don’t add any information that can hurt anybody else or affect privacy of another person.

  4. Only English article accepted

    Don’t submit article in any other language than English.

  5. Poorly written article

    Format it properly, run spell check and focus it properly as per the title of the article. Don’t write long paragraphs but split them in meaningful chunks.

  6. Tone of article

    Don’t try to depict anyone in negative or criticize others. Try to have positive tone in the article. Use words appropriate to the context. Be neutral.

  7. Writing vague article

    No use to submit an article which isn’t focused and well targeted. If a reader can’t judge the purpose of the article submitted then please don’t submit them.

  8. Article targeted for Search Engines

    Search Engines are dumb. But humans are not. If you yourself would not like to read the article and find any useful information, then please don’t submit it here.

  9. Submitting in wrong category

    We’ll reject it, so choose the category carefully.

  10. Submitting non-family stuff

    We do not solicit such types of articles.

  11. Keyword Stuffing

    Don’t do keyword stuffing in the title and the body of the article. Articles must be naturally presented.

  12. Advertising in the content

    Don’t use your company/site name within the article body. Use it in the signature at the bottom of the article.

  13. Submitting an article of little or no use

    An article must be informational and must be of some help for the reader. Helpful article is the key. Writing mere commentary, your feelings, narration of events, current situation etc may not directly help the readers in day to day life.

  14. Submitting duplicate content

    We may not allow article which/whose body may already be existing anywhere else. So submit only unique content.

  15. Insufficient content

    The article may be good, but contains less than desired content. A reader’d like to read sufficient information from an article. But if you split such an article into many and publish as different articles then reader will not find much help from the "trimmed" article.

  16. Have you already submitted similar article/story?

    Please submit only unique and value articles. Don’t submit the same article again by paraphrasing it.

  17. Little use article topic selected

    If you’ve selected a topic of little use or no use then however good article you write, we’ll not be able to publish them. So select a good topic.


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