What a woman can do when faced with sexual harassment at workplace in India?

Vishaka guidelines given by Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, apply to all women working either in organized or unorganized work sectors, whether full time, part time, on contract or in voluntary/honorary capacity. These guidelines give more emphasis on prevention of such incidents and direct each and every organization to adopt sexual harassment policy, prohibiting sexual harassment at work place and putting up an effective complaint mechanism.

In most of the cases, women themselves fail to recognize the behavior done by any male colleague as sexual harassment. Being a "inferior race" in our society women get used to these behaviors and try to adjust to these with humiliation. But now, women should not sit quiet as basically it encourages culprits to do attack other women sisters too.

Remember do not blame yourself and do not act in traditional way i.e. do not ignore the behavior in the hope that it will subside by ignoring it.

Following are the guidelines, a woman can adopt when faced sexual harassment at work place:

  1. Do not keep quiet. Confront the harasser even he is a person sitting at higher position.
  2. Approach your superiors, superior to the harasser.
  3. File complaints in writing against him with the sexual harassment committee or women cell in your office. As per Sexual harassment protection bill, 2010, every organization has to constitute a committee with senior lady employee at local and upper levels.
  4. Tell the truth. Do not hesitate. Do not make any false/abusive comments.
  5. Acknowledge that objecting to harassment is your fundamental right.
  6. Get full information on legal provisions under Indian law if office fails to take any action against the harasser.

Whom to take help? At least you can find some good forum like this women forum on sexual harassment. Hardly any help is available in internet for harassed working women.

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