The Beautiful Snow in Dhanolti ,Mussorie (in Dehradun district)

This year 2012 has brought one of the best snowfalls in Dhanolti and Mussorie which both fall within Dehradun district. I happen to visit Dhanolti on 14th Jan 2012. We started in a car at around 9.30 am. Dhanolti is at higher place than Mussorie so even if snow is not available in Mussorie, Dhanolti is the spot when it'll be found in abundance and we can enjoy.

I was driving the car along with 2 kids and by sweet wife. Dhanolti is 30 Km from Mussorie but we had to stop 7 km short of Dhanolti since road was blocked due to heavy snow. There were 1000's of tourists and the road was choked while vehicles were parked on both the sides of road. I luckily found an empty space and quickly parked the car in there.

It was Kailash Parvath in reality and everywhere we could see and enjoy snow there. Here are the beautiful photos which I took from my cheap digital Canon camera. I've improved most of them in Photoshop.

Hotel View: where we stayed

The hotel building as seen from side below:

The hotel room's rear view.

The double bed:

Rear window view:

Rear window view:


Hotel Facing View

In the way to this hotel, see snow clad Himalayas

This scenic spot only 50 meters from this hotel :